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Paula Yudelevit


Last month a caring person brought a cat he had found to the Garrett County Shelter. The cat had severe trauma to her right front leg and it was thought that she may have been hit by a car. 


HART’s clinic manager and rescue coordinator happened to be at the shelter and brought the cat to the Bredel Clinic at the HART Animal Center. After closer examination by Dr. Barnard, the cat was found to have been shot in the leg, about a week before she was found. Sadly, Dr. Barnard had to amputate Gemma’s leg.  (She was named by the techs at the Bredel Clinic)

Fortunately, the adorable cat never lost her sweet disposition and is recuperating very nicely, even getting in and out of the litter box easily.  

Her foster mom fell in love with Gemma, the lap cat,  and decided to adopt her.