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LifeSaver No-Cost Spay/Neuter Program

The Lifesaver Spay/Neuter Program is made possible by a grant from the Maryland Department of Agriculture. HART for Animals is currently accepting applications and scheduling appointments. 

The Lifesaver Spay/Neuter Program entitles low income pet owners who are Maryland residents to spay or neuter up to six pets per household (under 7 years of age) and vaccinate them against rabies at no cost to the owner.  Eligibility is determined in accordance with Maryland WIC guidelines, food stamps and other government benefits. Pet owners must show proof of income that is 10% below WIC guidelines or proof of government assistance.


Eligibility is determined in accordance to the Maryland WIC Guidelines, food stamps and other government benefits. To qualify, pet owners must show proof of income that is 10% below WIC guidelines. The following Household Income Qualifications are based on WIC Guidelines, effective until June 30, 2020:

·         Single                  $20,796
·         Family of 2          $28,156
·         Family of 3          $35,515
·         Family of 4          $42,874

Additional Family Members:  Add $7,359 per family member to the amount of a family of 4

Click here for the LifeSaver Spay/Neuter application.

Proof of Income (Surgery will not be performed without submitting proof of income on or before morning of surgery):

o   1040 income tax return from previous year
o   Proof of Social Security, food stamp card, or SSI benefits
o   Pay stubs from last 2 pay periods
o   All W-2 forms for family

An appointment must be rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise it will not berescheduled under the LifeSaver program.

Any vaccines or procedures (other than rabies or spay/neuter) are not covered under the Lifesaver program. Payment will be required in advance for any additional vaccines, services or procedures.              

Capstar (If the pet is found to have fleas upon intake, s/he will be given a Capstar tablet (which kills all fleas on the pet within 30 minutes) prior to surgery.

Click here to download an application or call HART at 301-387-7729.