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HART Receives “Neil’s Helping Fund” Grant from the Banfield Foundation

Paula Yudelevit


HART for Animals has received a $5,000 grant from the Banfield Foundation that will be used for the emergency care of pets to owners who qualify, regardless of residency. “Neil’s Helping Fund” helps pet owners whose income exceeds the WIC guidelines by a maximum of $10,000 a year. The fund is named in honor of Neil, the clinic’s resident cat, who was a HART rescue.

“Neil’s Helping Fund” is available to any pet needing emergency care, up to $1,000, whose owner meets the eligibility requirements. Life threatening care such as an obstruction, broken bones, stitches, poison, Parvo, etc., will be treated and covered under the grant. Terminal illnesses, pre-existing conditions, and chronic ailments are not included. Other exclusions apply such as vaccines, flea/tick medications, preventative care, and refills on initial prescriptions. Follow-up appointments for the emergency are included.

 “Unlike ‘Mocha’s Fund,’ HART’s program that covers emergencies for rescued pets, ‘Neil’s Helping Fund’ is specifically for pets from families that may not have the money to pay when their beloved dog or cat is seriously injured or needs emergency care,” says HART’s Bredel Clinic veterinarian, Dr. Jessy Vandevender. “This grant gives us the resources we need to help more pet owners in our community.”

When an emergency does arise, pet owners are asked to call HART immediately at 301.387.7729. Once at the clinic, a written estimate will be provided for the client to review. The client will complete an application and will be required to show proof of income.

The Banfield Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and believes that all pets deserve access to veterinary care. In support of this belief, the foundation funds programs that enable veterinary care, elevate the power of the human-animal bond, provide disaster relief for pets, and advance the science of veterinary medicine through fostering innovation and education.

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