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Rescue & Transport Program

Since 2003, HART for Animals, Inc. has been working with the Garrett County Animal Shelter to rescue the animals that arrive at the shelter and are not adopted. Due to the shelter's space limitations, animals who were not adopted immediately were euthanized to allow room for other incoming animals. By working cooperatively with the shelter and with Rescue Groups, HART is able to rescue and transport 50% of the animals arriving at the shelter.

Rescues begin when HART's Rescue Coordinator visits the shelter, evaluates the animals, and contacts various rescue groups throughout the region to find out where they would have the greatest chance of being adopted. Once a commitment is obtained from a Rescue Group, HART administers any tests and vaccinations that may be required, and recruits volunteers to drive the animals to specific locations. The Rescues ensure the suitability of the eventual adopters and spay and neuter all animals prior to adoption.

Even with the new Adoption Wing, HART continues its Rescue and Transport operations. These involve evaluating animals relinquished or brought as strays to the Garrett County Animals Shelter. Those found to be adoptable will be transported to rescue groups in surrounding metropolitan areas, where they have a greater chance of being adopted.

Please Click Here for our Rescue and Transport and Adoption statistics.