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New or gently-used, we appreciate every donation brought to HART. Your items allow us to use our dollars toward our spay/neuter surgeries, outdoor fencing, education, and rescue and transport programs.

Bonus for HART! When you order through any of our online merchants below, HART receives a percentage of the sale! It's easy! Simply click on the links below and create your account! 

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Items in BOLD are our most needed

PET FOOD (No dry dog or cat food, please!)

  • Canned kitten food — Sheba Perfect Portions is indeed perfect!

  • Canned cat food – only need paté

  • Canned dog food — any kind

  • Canned beef and chicken broth

  • KMR powder formula for puppies or kittens

  • Pupperoni Dog Treats — great for training!


  • Karunda beds for cats and dogs. All sizes

  • Dog and cat beds. All sizes. All brands. Canvas is more durable and will last longer. Click here for a suggestion.

  • Cat Cave/Igloo Beds


  • Rope toys. All sizes

  • Stuffed dog toys

  • Rubber dog toys

  • Sterilized bones (100% natural, made in USA) 5+" long

  • Ping pong balls

  • Cat Toys — in particular fabric mice, rolling cat toys, feather wands


  • Pet waste bags

  • Portable kennels – Pet Carriers

  • Crates, Plastic or Metal. All sizes. – Can be used, but please no bent or broken bars.

  • Martingale Collars, Nylon. All sizes. SHOP AMAZON SMILE!

  • Leashes – particularly need 5’ or 6’ Nylon leashes, 1 inch wide, for larger dogs.

  • Heating pads - microwaveable. Click here for the perfect heating pad!

  • Heating Pads - electric. SHOP AMAZON SMILE!

  • Disposable latex gloves - Large and medium

  • Cotton balls

  • Q-Tips (only Q-tip brand, please…no generics)

  • Tidy Cats Clumping Litter

  • Blankets

  • Puppy Training Pads. All sizes.

  • Bowls -- Ceramic, heavy duty. Stainless Steel with/without rubber bottoms. Click here for the perfect kitten bowl! NO PLASTIC BOWLS PLEASE!

  • Baby wipes


  • Paper towels

  • 13-gallon tall kitchen trash bags

  • Gain Fabric softener


  • Bottled water

  • Granola Bars

  • Individually wrapped snacks