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How to Adopt

Getting Ready for Your Visit

The process begins with the completion of the adoption application. We encourage you to send your application prior to your visit so we can have you approved and ready to take your new family member home!

Please click here for an Adoption Application.
Please have photo identification with proof of your current address.

Come Visit the HART Adoption Wing!

Check out our online "HART to HEART" survey before you come. It can help you make the right decision for your lifestyle. Be sure to discuss a new pet with other household members to make sure they are all in agreement. Some of the pets listed on our website may have an application pending, so we encourage adopters to call us if you have a particular pet in mind. You can reach us at 301.387.7729.


Meet Your Future Pet!

Once here, you will meet those pets that seem to be a good fit and have the opportunity to interact with them. Our adoption staff and volunteer adoption counselors can help you determine the status of an animal, as well as answer any questions you might have about the animal's temperament and care requirements. We will then review your application, answer your questions, and walk you through the final adoption process!

Going Home

Once you and our staff have determined that the pet is a good match for you, the next step is to take your new dog or cat home. If your application was processed prior to your arrival, then you're ready to take your new pet home. If you've completed the application while here, the adoption generally takes one to three days to process. You should come prepared with a leash and collar for your new dog and a cat carrier for your new cat. You may also purchase these items here at the HART Shoppe.  Once all of the paperwork is signed and the adoption fee paid, we will send you home with your new pet's medical records, microchip registration, and other important information about your new family member!


Adoption Fees cover the first round of vaccinations, spay/neuter costs, microchipping, and a vet check after the first ten days (at the HART Center only).

  • Dogs: $195

  • Cats: $85

Please click here for an Adoption Application.



In compliance with Sections 2-1701 through 2-1705 under the new Subtitle 17, Animal Shelters, in the Agricultural Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, HART has posted the Standard Operating Procedures for the Adoption Wing. These procedures detail all the protocols followed by the HART staff in taking care of the cats and dogs residing at the Adoption Wing. These protocols are consistent with the guidelines of the 2010 Standards of Care in Animal Shelters, as published by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

Please click here for the HART Adoption Wing SOP