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For the next five months, HART will be holding the Race to the Finish Campaign to raise funds for completing the Adoption & Shelter Wing at the HART Center. Spread the word because every little bit helps! To donate, click on the Donate button on the right... and ask your animal-loving friends to help!

HART for Animals, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets in Western Maryland. Through a network of volunteers – individuals and rescue organizations – HART is able to rescue animals from the Garrett County shelter and give them a chance of finding a permanent home. Find out what is happening with animal rescue in Garrett County. If you are here, we know you are a fellow animal lover! Welcome!


HART News!


Sparky and Macaroni on the Way to Adoption


Pictured is foster mom, Tammy Mathis, picking up Sparky on the transport.

After weeks of trying to find either a new home or rescue for Sparky (also called Max by the family that found him wandering along a road), HART for Animals finally secured his safety by placing him with PetConnect, a regional all breed rescue. Sparky, a petite Beagle with one blue eye and sweet disposition, had been housed for weeks in the Garrett County Animal Shelter. No owner came to claim him, and no one expressed interest in adopting him, even after attending several HART for Animals' adoption events. Sparky's new foster home is on a farm, where he can run and play with another active Beagle mix, also looking for a new home, while staying safe with the care and comfort provided by PetConnect rescue.


Macaroni, a 10-week old Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle mix) puppy with a birth defect that left her incontinent, was delivered to GRREAT, a regional Golden Retriever Rescue, which will provide her with a foster home and specialized medical services.
Pictured is Jessie Pickard, Macaroni's new foster mom, picking her up from the transport. HART took Macaroni into the rescue program in hopes of finding an alternative to almost certain euthanasia, as finding a home for a completely incontinent dog would be almost impossible. HART was overjoyed when the GRREAT (Golden Retriever Education And Training) rescue organization agreed to take her and help her by placing her with a foster family experienced with disabled dogs, and providing her with veterinary specialists to see if a solution can be found for her condition.




What To Do When You See Animals at Risk

This past weekend, one of our volunteers was very distressed to see an individual selling pitbull puppies in a parking lot at night. She went into the store and told the manager what was going on - and the manager did not take any action. 

In Garrett County, Maryland, it is illegal to sell puppies without a license. If you observe anyone selling puppies during the day, please call the Garrett County Animal Shelter at 301-334-3553. If they are not open, call the Garrett County Central Dispatch at 301-334-1929 and they will contact the animal control officer on duty. They have the authority to approach the seller and request to see their license. 

Many of the puppies and kittens that are sold from the back of a truck do not come to a good end. Sadly, they may be used as bait dogs by unscrupulous people or sold as experimental animals; others are used for indiscriminate breeding, with the goal of creating additional litters to sell. 

Advertising 'free puppies or free kittens' on Craig's List or similar sites is another way that dogs and cats end up in dangerous environments. A 'free animal' has no value to the giver or to the recipient and will be treated accordingly.

Animals cannot defend themselves against cruelty. However, there are many who will stand up for them - as did the unknown person who posted the surveillance video of the CEO kicking a puppy in an elevator. The video went viral and thousands demanded that the CEO be fired. And he was.

And that is why organizations like HART come into being.